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 I'd like to thank Paul for putting together a phenomenal event to help JCKC/Greyhounds. But let's face it, without all of YOU, it would not have been the fantastic event it was today. So heartfelt love and thanks, friends!

OK. So this post is just to open the window for the highlights you'd like to share about our first fundraiser for Life In The Fast Lane. We know that we need to improve in order to help this become even better...Trust me! But for now, just send us your fave moments, aspects or people/vendors/events of the day.

When we all catch our breath, we WILL be looking for constructive input/critique from you. We plan on polling you for the best future date for next year; asking you for your ideas as to how we can help you make this an ongoing, vital and viable event; as well as how we can better help you to help our canine friends.

It was my profound honour to meet so many wonderful and dedicated people today and I owe this to Paul, Pam, Adelaide, Armon and so many, many more. I was given amazing gifts of kindness by complete strangers who are in no way affiliated with the Greyhound/canine community; which I will be expanding on at a later date.  I saw up close and personal the profound compassion, care, dedication and motivation that we humans can have for our fellow creatures; great and small.  I saw an amazing community in action for and with their dogs.

Mondo love and I'm curling up with my mutt for the night. Love, light and peace to you all..


Rumour has it that there has been some great feedback on Greytalk.  I don't have the correct sort of email account to join and yahoo seem to be flagged.  I was able read the incredibly sweet post by Adelaide (***cross-posted below for the others who cannot access Greytalk).

Thanks to you all again!  F.Y.I , I went to the Natural Pet Expo and spread the word...we'll be joined by many of them at our next event, which we will start planning within the fortnight.  So stay tuned, lovies....this is just the beginning!

***  "So yesterday was a picture perfect day here in Philly. Greyhound rescue and adoption groups, vendors and educational clubs like the U. Of Penn Vet School Animal Welfare Club all set up side by side; families came with their hounds. Some adoptable hounds made the rounds and I'll bet that some Greys waiting for that special couch will find it because of this event. A nice chunk of change was raised for a deserving program. Despite the general perception that greyhound adoption groups can't work together, yesterday was a wonderful example of what happens when we all keep, first and foremost, the fact that it really IS about the hounds in our hearts and our minds.

"There were many wonderful volunteers who stepped up to move tables, man the food table and do all the other zillions of jobs that make or break such events. Two people really stand out though. Paul Hubert really IS all about the dogs. He has worked tirelessly for months to pull this all together. As a result, money was raised for a program that will directly and positively affect the lives of many dogs.

"Karen Wainwright does not even have a greyhound, although she does have a neat little shepherd mix. Karen put in untold hours on the blog, the slide show and getting the art show pulled together. The day of the event she worked tirelessly to ensure that loose ends were tied up and that things were running smoothly. She shlepped tons of heavy tables and boxes before and after the event. She is one of the most generous and selfless souls I have met in a long time.

"As I said, many volunteers made this happen, and we are grateful to all of them--we could not have done this without them. But Paul and Karen deserve a truly special place because this simply would not have happened without them. You two are something special and I am honored to have you both as friends.

"Thank you!

With love and admiration, Adelaide

"Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read." -Groucho Marx-


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I'll keep this brief:

The opening was fantastic! We sold four pieces of art, as well as several T-Shirts. I owe my thanks to too many people, but please keep looking at the wigits/boxes on the right, as I will be updating them tonight, tomorrow and no doubt in the future.

See you all tomorrow.

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Most amazing gratitude and thanks to Rob Parker and also Ron Hevener. Gentlemen, we salute you!

greyhounds cut 1 from Rob Parker on Vimeo.

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