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Most amazing gratitude and thanks to Rob Parker and also Ron Hevener. Gentlemen, we salute you!

greyhounds cut 1 from Rob Parker on Vimeo.

Reader Photos: Nigel...(Is A Slut)!  

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Donation FAQs.  

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Me mum and dad want to donate, but the whole PayPal thingy- mawhatsit  have them a bit confused.....how can they donate?

LOL!  I'm a lot confused most of the time!  Easy answer is:


1578 Gainey Road
Cairo, GA 39828
Checks should be made out to "GPA-Tallahasse/SEGA" with "Pam Davis" in subject line.


1455 W Washington St
Monticello, FL 32344-1131
(850) 997-3750

(Please specify the money should go on the SEGA account).

...And let mum and dad know that checks can be written out to "SEGA", with "Pam Davis" in the little subject line on the bottom left.

I won't be able to attend the actual event....how do I donate?

Easy as pie, sweetie!  Just look at the right hand side of this blog page, where you have the option to give via PayPal, or directly via check or other such means...and thanks!

I'd love to see or buy some of the artwork, but I don't know how.

Ah!  Well, as of the end of next week, we will have some images online here, so stay tuned!  Also, if you cannot attend the actual event, know that we will also have items/art/raffles available online for all you long distance dog lovers!

***Thanks for your continued interest and support, ladies and gents...it means the world to all of us....in particular the hounds we all love.

The T-Shirt Design...Thanks To Spot's Spot!  

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Veterinarian Opens Wellness Center for Pets in Phila. KYW Newsradio

A first of its kind in Philadelphia — a pet rehab facility — opened this week in Queen Village.


KYW’s John McDevitt reports that at Whole Animal Gym (or “WAG”), on Second Street near South, hydrotherapy for your pet is done in a giant tank that has an underwater treadmill and jets.

Veterinarian Dr. Christina Fuoco is co-owner of WAG:

“The underwater treadmill is really helpful for post-surgical patients.  It can also be really helpful to get an arthritic patient moving better, take some of the weight off of them by providing the buoyancy with the water, get them moving better, build some muscle back up that they may have lost because they are not as active.”

Other services include laser therapy and acupuncture.

And if your pooch has packed on the pounds, there is an indoor gym with agility equipment.  And they can strap on a life vest if needed and swim in the tank.

For more information go to www.wag-philly.com.

T-Shirt Sneak Pre-view...  

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Ryan Reed's "Born To Run".  

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The elephant in the room is the fact that people race Greyhounds.  Our focus at Life In The Fast Lane is on helping Greyhounds find homes.  However, at the Main Event, October 2nd, you will have a chance to meet and talk with author Ryan Reed, a contributor to The Greyhound Review.  His latest book "Born To Run" is a fascinating, in-depth and insightful look into the reality of Greyhound racing.

Please be sure to join the, ahem, "feisty" discussions which are sure to ensue!

Putting "Fun" Back In "Fundraiser".  

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So as Paul just said to me, we're in the "crunch time".  Having absolutely no sense of time, but a loudly empty stomach, my mind wandered to such delights as Heath Bars, granola and eating in general.  But what he actually meant, it seems, is that we are getting really close to the Main Event.......YIKES!  and YIPPEEEE!  and such!

Basically, for those of you who are nearly as confused as I am, (and Crikey, I feel for you)! this means that in 27 days from now (right, Paul)? the Vincent Michael Gallery will be showing the works of all the artists we list here...and then some!  The opening will be from 5p.m. until 9p.m. at the Piazza and the art will be available for ten days.

Don't worry though!  We will also have a virtual/online gallery so that you may see/purchase the pieces, even if you cannot attend the opening or the following day's Main Event.  As we have pieces arriving at the gallery already, I suppose I should get of my duff and go and photograph some of them, what?!

Tell you what; it's a bit of a crazy time for me the next few days.  I'll be back in Near Reality on Tuesday.  Or  Wednesday.  And then I'll take a few pics to show the sort of wonderful work the artists have been so kind to give us and ultimately, the Greyhounds.

Meanwhile, lookout!  I do still have access to a friend's computer until I pay the bill for mine.....so, be warned....I may ramble on muchly before I come back to the N.R.



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Yup, it's true boys'n'girls!  After a sadly false start, we are thrilled to announce that the fabulous and oh-so-easy (and yet safe, lol) PayPal button is up and ready for any sort of cash, dough, moolah, spondulicks, rhino, bucks, C-note(s), tender, pittance, guineas, gelt, pocket money, specie, change, scratch, mazuma, pieces of eight, greenbacks, big ones, banknotes, dead presidents, scrilla, loot, clams, scratch and such you'd like to send our way.

Although Paypal will take a bit to process your donation securely, we assure you that the rest will be 100% for the care, welfare and maintenance of Greyhounds being housed at JCKC through Pam Davis.

Reader Photos.....Maggie!  

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Jane writes:

My sweet Maggie.  She raced her entire career at JCKC - racing name L's Magnolia.
We are truly blessed that she is a member of our family.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Pam and crew for sending her our way.

She's clearly at home!

Charlie and Maggie.