Donate NOW...or later!  

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Yup, it took us a while, but we have our lovely, secure button on the right hand side (Donate), thanks to good ole Paypal.  So if you'd like to send some money; know that 100% of your gift will be toward the Greyhounds being cared for at JCKC.

Thanks so much.

Reader Photos.....Aladdin and Jasmine!  

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Look at these beauties that are happily living with Darlene and Mark....

Jasmine and Aladdin.



About Our Supporters......  

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We know you can see many of them in the lil boxes (aka "widgets) on the right.  But what I think would be good, is if we write a bit about each one, so that way it's a bit more personal, right?

OK, so we will be doing so over the next few days and weeks, but bear with us, please.  We all have dogs, jobs and other such issues, so this will take some time.

Just join our email list, or keep coming back....we will all get it together (yup, really)! sooner or later.

And don't forget that you too can become a supporter in all sorts of different ways....

Reader Photos....Robin!  

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And here is Robin, who is living and loving life with Rita and Tony after JCKC!

Reader Photos...Toby!  

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Rita sent these of Toby who came off the track at Derby Lane.....Awwww!

How You Can Help....  

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Please forward the link to this blog to all your friends.....

Donate visual art that we will sell/auction through the Vincent Michael Gallery and online.....

Donate ANYTHING you think would be a prize for our raffle....

Contact us if you have time, goods, services, products, ideas, etc.......

Come to the opening at the Vincent Michael Gallery on October 1st......

Come to the main event at the Piazza on October 2nd......

Support those who have so generously given already, (we have links in "Support Those Who Support Us!" on the  right hand side).....

Keep checking this blog out and bore all your friends about it!

Many thanks and keep on loving and giving....

Photo Fun!  

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Hey there!

Have a Greyhound you love to bits?  One that you have pictures you want to share with us?  Please send one or two to us at and we will post them proudly on our blog!  If you have a little story to go with it, we'll happily include it.

Not sure how to?  OK, in your email draft you'll see a paper clip icon next to "Attach a file".  Click on it and then the space next to "browse" from your computer.  Any pictures in your downloads/iphoto/pictures can be clicked on and then press the "open" button.  Sorry to say that if the image is in Photobucket/other online album, we cannot upload from the link.  So you need to download your image from there to your computer before we can upload it.

Of course, there is likely a way to do it directly, but unless I'm signed into your account in the online album, or it is "public", I don't know how to!  If you do, I'd be happy to hear what I need to do....and keep it clean!

Thanks and keep on loving!

Updates, etc...  

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Hello there!

You may be aware how TRULY grassroots we are, or maybe you are not?  OK, so basically we need you to know that this event will be getting bigger and better each day....and we'll keep you posted on all the news we have.

To stay informed, just click the box to the right for email updates....or just keep coming back!  We hope by the actual event, you will be even more excited than we are already!

Stay tuned, more will be revealed....mmmmuuuwwwaaahhhhaaaaahhaaaaaa!


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My apologies for not having the "comments" functioning before. In order to leave one, roll your mouse over the "0 Comments" (or "More than 0 Comments")! and click. You should be redirected to the comments page.

Please send us an email if you are still having problems, and we will do our best to resolve them ASAP.



The Actual Event Hours.  

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Friday, October 1st., 2010:

Vincent Michael Gallery Opening:


1050 North Hancock Street, Suite 63   Philadelphia, PA 19123  (tel: 215-399-1580)


5 p.m. - 9 p.m.

Pre-view the brilliant art donated by so many artists and bid on/buy pieces to fund our cause.

Saturday, October 2nd., 2010:

A Greyhound Love Fest!


The Piazza, Philadelphia, Pa 19123


The Piazza Main Event:
10 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Check out the fabulous dogs we have looking for a new home!

Listen to live music!

Listen to presentations!

Enter our costume contest!

View our big screen pictures of Greyhounds!

Be the first to hear our theme song!

Shop the various vendors, where portions of their sales go to this cause!

Vincent Michael Gallery:
10 a.m. - 7 p.m.

Questions?  Please contact us at

What We Are In Aid Of, Part II  

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What We Are In Aid Of.  

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The Main Event.  

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The Main Event, Part II.  

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