How You Can Help....  

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Please forward the link to this blog to all your friends.....

Donate visual art that we will sell/auction through the Vincent Michael Gallery and online.....

Donate ANYTHING you think would be a prize for our raffle....

Contact us if you have time, goods, services, products, ideas, etc.......

Come to the opening at the Vincent Michael Gallery on October 1st......

Come to the main event at the Piazza on October 2nd......

Support those who have so generously given already, (we have links in "Support Those Who Support Us!" on the  right hand side).....

Keep checking this blog out and bore all your friends about it!

Many thanks and keep on loving and giving....

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Can you use a couple collars for the raffle? We would like to donate items, but we have limited room in our vehicle.We do have a couple collars, we would love to donate if you could use them?

August 30, 2010 at 10:32 AM

Also we were wondering, are you going to be collecting any slightly used items that maybe the fosters could use?

August 30, 2010 at 10:35 AM

Hi guys,

Thanks for hitting us up. Karen did a GREYT job on our blog dont you think.

Darlene yes we can use items for our raffle table and items for Pam to bring back to the Kennel

For those that do not know a hauler of hounds will be accompaning Pam on the road to Philly. We wouldnt want a empty trailer to join Pam on the way back so lets fill that sucker up with supplies for those hounds back at the JCKC adoption kennel.

Kennel Needs Brooms, Mops, cleaning supplies, Detergent, Bleach, Bedding for the dogs, towels.

Hounds: Milkbones. food supplies, shampoo, flee and tick such as advantix well you get the idea.

Thanks again

August 30, 2010 at 11:51 AM


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