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Hey there!

Have a Greyhound you love to bits?  One that you have pictures you want to share with us?  Please send one or two to us at and we will post them proudly on our blog!  If you have a little story to go with it, we'll happily include it.

Not sure how to?  OK, in your email draft you'll see a paper clip icon next to "Attach a file".  Click on it and then the space next to "browse" from your computer.  Any pictures in your downloads/iphoto/pictures can be clicked on and then press the "open" button.  Sorry to say that if the image is in Photobucket/other online album, we cannot upload from the link.  So you need to download your image from there to your computer before we can upload it.

Of course, there is likely a way to do it directly, but unless I'm signed into your account in the online album, or it is "public", I don't know how to!  If you do, I'd be happy to hear what I need to do....and keep it clean!

Thanks and keep on loving!

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